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From "Point of No Return" by Libertango 5tet (2020)
Gino De Vita: arrangement and guitar
Latest CD, from 2020, contains only original compositions and can be considered the highlight for the five long-time fellows' musicianship.
It is an enthusiastic, energetic, thus deeply meditative, work.
From Alysia's Dance (a true, modern Ode to Joy) to Life and Death, Three Lights and I'll Be There - a patch of three short mystical reflections - the variety of colors and moods contained in the CD sums up the philosophy of the band, that is being a mirror of life, reflecting the beauty and the sadness of the human existence.
ALYSIA'S DANCE - (Gino De Vita)
Copertina NIMRA.jpg

In NIMRA (meaning tigress in Arabian) - lies a bigger compositional effort. The harmonic elements are more complex and the music changes from outgoing and expressive into moments of intimacy.

Nevertheless, the group stays in close contact with a more traditional language, as in Canción de amor by Paco de Lucia, or in the touching Alfonsina y el mar.

NEW TANGO - (Francesco Calì)
From "Nimra" by Libertango 5tet (2003) Francesco Calì: arrangement and accordion

NIMRA (2003)

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The first CD, called LIBERTANGO, is a homage to Astor Piazzolla. Here you can experience the characteristics of the band: a specific attention for the melody, the use of rhythmic-harmonic structures typical from jazz and a consistent use of counter-point.
SIPPIN' SAMBA - (Francesco Calì)
From "Libertango" by Libertango 5tet (1999) Francesco Calì: arrangement and accordion