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About us

Libertango 5tet is the story of a long and deep friendship between five musicians who share the same vision of music and life”.

This is the opening statement in the liner notes of Point of No Return, the band’s latest work.

Below we are introducing each member of the band and the musical paths that converged into the founding of Libertango 5tet.

Francesco Calì






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Francesco (per Libertango).jpg

Francesco Calì, accordionist and pianist, founded Libertango 5tet in 1993.

His musical skills (mastery of Mediterranean popular music, degrees in classical piano and composition, among the others) make him a true music designer.

He composes and arranges most of the band's music; on stage,

he is our firm point of reference.

As an all-round composer, his motto (and ours) is 'no music borders!'

His compositions stretch from hermetic Nuevo Tango to flashy, joyful choro without a hint of guilt and fully respecting the different languages at the same time.

As a performer, his deep knowledge of mainstream and modern jazz structures allows him to avoid using patterns as shortcuts, the result being an always interesting and original phrasing. 

Francesco is definitely a musician's musician who deserves competent and well educated ears!

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Gino 4.jpeg

Gino De Vita is the co-founder of the band.

He started playing guitar at the age of six.

Tireless music promoter, teacher, composer and performer, he has organised, or attended, a multitude of stages and masterclasses along renowned musicians such as Pat Martino, Joe Diorio, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Jacob Fischer, to name a few. 

During his career, he has taught guitar to more than 1200 pupils!

While Gino takes inspiration from guitarists of any genre, he keeps on developing his own sound, which makes his playing unmistakable in its unpredictability and uniqueness. In fact, his compositions are often mysterious, charming and challenging. 

He is the quirkiest member of the band for sure!

Ancora 3
Marcello Leanza (Jaci & Jazz).jpg

Marcello Leanza, saxophonist and flautist, is ‘The Uncle’. 

His long experience as a jazz promoter during the ’80s and the ’90s has allowed him to deepen his comprehension of the genre, its roots, and its contaminations especially.

He has dealt with dozens of jazz, pop, and world music performances and festivals, thanks to which he feels at ease in most music genres.

Libertango 5tet is the perfect playground for his musical vision, the ideal crossroads where cultures and colors from all around the world convey.

Ancora 4

Giovanni Arena plays electric bass, which he built himself, and double bass.

A classy, elegant, reliable sideman, he possesses a crisp and deep sound and a very personal sense of harmony and rhythm.

Mesmerised by contemporary music and avant-garde composers, he started participating successfully in some prestigious competitions in this truly elitist environment, his compositions being in growing demand.

Ancora 5

Ruggero Rotolo is the driving force of Libertango 5tet.

He possesses a natural musical instinct and his drumming is flowing and effortless.

Grown up with “bread and jazz”, his early heroes were giant drummers such as Jack DeJohnette and Paul Motian, who possess power and creativity, which are among Ruggero’s peculiar traits. 

He is also acknowledged as a master of the brushes, with which he creates an incredible variety of moods and nuances.

Imaginative and stimulating, he is the ideal accompanist for a soloist.

And he is a hell of a bass player too!

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